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IT Manager

Experienced Information Technology Manager well-versed in infrastructure technology, security planning and daily operations management. Forward-thinking and strategic leader with 8+ years' experience in Information Technology.

Expert in completing demanding assignments within crucial timelines. Highly articulate, demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills.

Strong management skills and methodical aptitude with an innate ability in decision-making, coordinating and synthesizing data.

Summarize your experience, current occupation and career goals in a brief summary.
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IT Manager
Pro-life Healthcare Solutions.
November 2016 - Present

4 years 4 months

New York
  • Responsible and accountable for the efficient operations of computer systems and IT infrastructure, including phone systems
  • Established asset management practices to track technological assets from purchase to disposal and improve resource optimization 
  • Lead team of firm-wide asset stakeholders in selection of next generation of computing hardware
  • Providing support and planning for critical requirements including network administration, computer builds/purchases, software loads, product testing, telephony, end-user support & training
  • Spearheading industry best practice enhancements through the implementation of ITIL methodologies
  • Reviewed budget, updating executive management, and senior managers on project status, planning resource allocation and negotiating project deadlines 
  • Coordinated company-wide VoIP migration to cloud voice solution and implemented SD-WAN across 3 branch offices 
  • Responsible for the optimization and maintenance of the computer system, network configurations and peripheral devices
  • Maintain control of company technological assets valued over two million dollars in hardware and software logistics
  • Analyzed and defined user problems and/or requirements and developed efficient, cost-effective network systems solutions, while communicating options and ramifications to the organization
  • Implemented proper recovery procedures for disasters and administered user-accounts' mailbox. 
  • Create and track KPIs, metrics and goals for the IT Helpdesk team 
Sr. Systems Analyst
Green Shield Health Services.
December 2014 - August 2016 Present

1 year 8 months

New York NY United States
  • Gathered Business Requirements from business users that provided appropriate scope of work for technical team to develop prototype. 
  • Drafted Business Requirements Document with extensive details based on the requirements gathered. 
  • Wrote detailed Software Requirements Specifications, Functional Requirements Specification Documents and User Documentation. 
  • Conducted Scrum Meetings with Technical Teams, Non-Technical Teams and Subject Matter Experts to clarify business rules.
  • Manage vendor relationships ensure service level agreements with vendor partners are monitored, maintained, and maximized.

  • Transform data into dynamic graphics providing better management reports. 
  • Achieve implement new ways of working for decision making incorporating computer tools.
  • Documented defects and worked with developers and QA to fix these defects. 
  • Coordinated with Project Manager to maintain and update the project plan, communicated any road blocks and get approval on the change requests.
  • Assisted in administering all security technology for servers and endpoints to ensure all systems followed best practice and were fully up to date with software patches and policies 
  •  Provided timely and efficient support for project and clients related to IT
  •  Facilitated the test processes by using life cycle (STLC) and bug tracking tools like HP ALM, JIRA-Zephyr and the Bugzilla.
Systems Administrator
RBR IT Consulting Inc.
July 2011 - November 2014 Present

3 years 4 months

United States
  • Responsible for ongoing maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting of server and network infrastructure for small and medium businesses 
  • Responding to and resolving critical systems outages 
  • Perform security audits, vulnerability assessments, and detailed network assessments to ensure security and best practices 
  • System monitoring and disaster recovery planning 
  • Escalated troubleshooting of desktop, network, application and server issues 
  • Draft technical documentation of server/network infrastructure 
  • Primary contact for ongoing account and relationship management with contracted clients 
  • Project management and implementing upgrades of existing infrastructures and deploying new systems and technologies.
Support Analyst
Techrevo Computer Services.
May 2009 - June 2011 Present

2 years 1 month

United States
  • Performed routine maintenance and repairs on computers, laptops, printers, and netbooks. 
  • Assisted with maintaining the Active Directory and adding users and computers to the proper groups 
  • Imaged computers and installed hardware and software necessary to individual school sites 
  • Assisted with building new computer labs.
  • Monitor network traffic from and to the servers and monitor server for performance issues. 
  • Assisted with application upgrades. 
  • Provided training and service for new devices and applications. 
  • Monitor and modify server backups and backup schedules. 
  • Create site documentation for both IT Staff and users 
  • Disaster Recovery training and experience- Recovered data from servers and computers after hardware and OS failures. 
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  • Timeframe you worked at this position
  • Detailed description
University of Oklahoma
Master's in IT Management
September 2008 - September 2010 Present

2 years

A&M University
Bachelor of Science Technology Management
August 2003 - May 2007 Present

3 years 9 months

Texas United States
Briefly describe any degrees you hold or are pursuing, along with key academics achievements.

Microsoft Corporation

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Interests, Hobbies & Links
  • Cycling
  • Hiking and Trekking
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Volunteering Experience
  • Volunteer
    Humane Society of America
    October 2016 - November 2016 Present

    1 month

  • Event Organizer
    Earth Environmental
    May 2014 - July 2014 Present

    2 months

    United States
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