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How is TalentFly different from other professional networking sites?

TalentFly has many of the benefits of other networking sites, including a place to showcase job experience, skills, education, and endorsements. Yet, unlike other networking sites, TalentFly uses video interviews powered by machine learning or real industry experts to help candidates stand out. Bringing candidates’ profiles to life in this way saves time and effort for both the jobseeker and the employer. The jobseeker is able to take their resume off the screen and truly showcase their strengths in action. For the employer, an instant impression of a candidate is achieved without having to schedule lengthy and resource-intensive in-person interviews.

How secure is my information?

Here at TalentFly, we don’t consider security an add-on feature. Instead, it’s built in to every aspect of our platform. You can rest assured that we exercise the utmost level of caution with your personal information. We’ll never share your data, and our site is backed by powerful security features to help keep your password and other personal data well-protected.

Building Your Profile

Why do I have to build my profile to 70% before I can do an AI or expert interview?

In order to pose relevant questions that will help you stand out as a candidate, TalentFly needs to learn as much about your experience and strengths as possible. Completing your profile gives us more information about your professional history, skills, education, and more.

How do I get recommendations and endorsements?

In your profile, you can click on “recommendations and endorsements” to send emails to colleagues requesting an endorsement. Or, you can ask them to record a video recommendation on your behalf. We’ll only use their contact information to send a request, and we promise to never spam your colleagues.

Engaging in Interviews

How does the AI interview know which questions to ask me?

Our platform uses machine learning algorithms to capture the most important information from your profile. It may ask you to elaborate on certain points or explain more. You’ll find that although it isn’t run by a real human, the AI interview will closely resemble an authentic interviewing experience.

How long does the AI interview take?

For general interviews taken by recent college graduates and candidates whose careers have not yet been added to the platform, interviewees can expect to spend 15 to 20 minutes answering questions. Roughly 5 to 7 questions will be asked.

For professionals who take a specialty AI interview, the session may take up to 30 to 35 minutes. Candidates can expect to answer 10 to 12 questions in professional interviews.

How long does the expert-led interview take?

Because the number of questions can vary and interviews are performed with real industry experts, the length of expert-led interviews can vary significantly. Candidates should expect to spend 20 to 40 minutes interviewing.

If I can’t commit to the time proposed for an expert-led interview, what should I do?

TalentFly ensures a fully-coordinated effort among candidates and experts. We are very flexible and will work around your schedule requirements to change interview times as needed.

TalentFly for Business

How does TalentFly match me with appropriate candidates?

TalentFly can send you visual profiles based on requirements set forth by your hiring manager. Your internal teams can then choose to contact candidates and engage in interviews with them.

Or, your organization may outsource all candidate sourcing and interview processes, in which case TalentFly will create interviews specific to the job requirements indicated by your team.

No matter which option you choose, TalentFly allows hiring managers and other professionals from companies seeking new talent to choose specific characteristics, such as experience levels and education. Our team will then sift through our growing database of candidates to find the individuals who best fit your search criteria. This saves you a tremendous amount of time from searching through job hunters whose experience doesn’t fit with your organization’s unique needs.

How many candidates will TalentFly for business provide for me?

Our primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction. We will work with you to find the right fit for your company’s unique needs, no matter how many candidates need to be screened.

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