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Smart and Informed Hiring Decisions

Harness the power of a new, innovative approach to talent acquisition

Ready for Your Next Big Role?

Build your own brand and show the world your potential

Expanding Your Team?

Stop sifting through resumes. Start assessing pre-screened candidates who fit based on your own criteria.

For Professionals

Beat Your Competition

TalentFly empowers you to show your potential in action.

Show what sets you apart
Start Building Your Own Profile

Build Your Brand

Gain a competitive edge & build your personal brand to set yourself apart

Record Your Interview

Leverage AI technology to show your potential in action

Connect with Employers

Show your technical and soft skills to desirable companies looking for talent just like you

Win Over Hiring Managers

Use the powerful medium of video to convince decision-makers you don't just look good on paper & you're the best fit to fill the role

TalentFly for Fresh Graduates
Start you career strong, with rich video-powered profile.
Learn more
Business Solutions

Smart and Powerful Talent Solutions for Employers

Source Candidates

Watch, replay, and use interview videos as an instrumental tool in your recruiting processes

Streamline Recruitment

Assess candidates’ interpersonal skills without conducting time-consuming interviews in-house

Isolate Talent

Save time by jumping directly to key questions & responses in the interview video

Acquire the Right People

Save time, hassle, and dollars by placing the best people in the right roles from the start

Reduce overhead and streamline recruiting.

Use our video interviews to assess whether a candidate is right for your openings in a matter of minutes.

More about TalentFly for Employers

that overcome the challenges of today’s recruitment

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